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Top 100: The Most Visited Websites in the US [2021 Top Websites Edition]


[2021 Top Websites Edition]

Discover the most visited websites in the world’s top economy, as the US sets the global trend when it comes to the top sites by traffic received.


Top Websites in the US by Traffic [March 2021]

Based on data from the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool, this page reveals the top 100 most visited websites in the US, as well as uncovering the top players across various industries.

We will be updating this post on a monthly basis, so you can keep track of all the market shifts and spot changes in user interest.

United States, March 2021

*Some websites featured in the list above may contain adult content, please use caution when visiting unknown sites.

General Trends Across the Most Popular US Websites by Traffic

March continues to show the slowing traffic numbers we were already seeing back in February 2021, with even fewer (-1%) surfers to the top 100 most visited sites in the US. Whether it’s the reopening of the American economy or the overall digital fatigue, the majority of sites within the list saw a relatively similar downward traffic trend.

With Google as the absolute traffic leader (as usual), even the biggest search engine saw a decline in visitors. The biggest March ‘loser’ was Pornhub, with its 8% decrease in online footfall.

Overall, the top 100 remained almost identical compared to the previous month. The only newcomer was Salesforce – it broke back into the list, gaining 1% more site visitors and replacing IGN, a video game news platform. The CRM brand had lost its position among the 100 most visited US sites back in December 2020.

It’s Not Just About the Traffic

Although observing position changes through traffic volume can help to analyze global trends and benchmark your performance against the competition, Semrush’s Traffic Analytics reports also include important metrics to keep watch on:

  • Mobile vs. desktop traffic share shows which devices people use to enter a site page. When

    doing competitive benchmarking, this metric can help to determine whether you need to implement certain steps (e.g. ensure further mobile optimization or come up with additional desktop traffic generation tactics) to strengthen your traffic acquisition strategy and stay in the game.

  • Number of pages per visit, average visit duration, and bounce rate reflect the quality of site content. If you spot that your competitor’s website shows better performance, it flags that you have to work on your



    content strategy, comparing the structure, content, and design of your site pages against theirs.

Insights on the Most Popular Sites in the US by Industry

To spot more granular market patterns and provide more useful insights, we decided to show the leading US websites in terms of traffic volume by different industries: Education, Fashion, Travel, Retail, Teamwork, Social Networks, Media, Food Delivery, and Streaming Services.






Social Networks


Food Delivery

Streaming Services


United States, March 2021

The Most Visited Websites – US, Education Category

The Education sector, unlike most, actually had an overall increase in online visitors. The average traffic counts across the top 10 most visited education sites in March spiked by 0.5%. With the academic year coming to an end pretty soon, this upward trend might not stick for much longer.

Only Study (-0.9%), TED (-0.8%), and K12 (-0.2%) countered this pattern, seeing their visitor numbers go down.

Coursera (+3.3%) made the biggest splash, with its March traffic being 6X higher than the market average.

The Most Visited Websites – US, Retail Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 3.2B
2 885.6M
3 569.8M
4 299.6M
5 274.7M
6 226.6M
7 218.1M
8 216.6M
9 129.8M
10 111.4M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Travel Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 173.3M
2 116.6M
3 58.6M
4 58.0M
5 44.8M
6 41.5M
7 37.8M
8 34.2M
9 30.6M
10 30.1M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Media Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 669.6M
2 488.8M
3 416.1M
4 268.6M
5 155.5M
6 138.7M
7 137.8M
8 125.1M
9 114.8M
10 107.7M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Fashion Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 85.3M
2 48.0M
3 45.2M
4 39.3M
5 32.8M
6 27.0M
7 26.8M
8 24.0M
9 23.8M
10 20.5M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Teamwork Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 581.3M
2 279.5M
3 31.9M
4 26.4M
5 21.6M
6 16.3M
7 13.2M
8 12.3M
9 11.9M
10 11.5M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Education Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 77.1M
2 29.3M
3 20.3M
4 14.7M
5 12.5M
6 11.8M
7 9.7M
8 8.1M
9 6.6M
10 4.9M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Social Networks Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 4.0B
2 3.7B
3 1.2B
4 921.3M
5 877.2M
6 373.5M
7 272.0M
8 97.0M
9 80.0M
10 52.0M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Food Delivery Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 51.6M
2 49.5M
3 31.2M
4 17.2M
5 10.7M
6 5.3M
7 5.0M
8 4.9M
9 2.0M
10 1.9M

The Most Visited Websites – US, Streaming Services Category

Position Domain Monthly traffic
1 221.8M
2 109.5M
3 54.8M
4 29.9M
5 14.2M
6 13.4M
7 12.3M
8 9.3M
9 8.7M
10 8.2M

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